In a Vox video, Johnny Harris and German Lopez explain how so many Americans got hooked on prescription painkillers … and why those “safe” drugs are killing so many Americans now. (More)

Let’s Go to the Video, Part II: America’s Prescription Opioid Epidemic

This week Morning Feature offers video explainers on some of this year’s important issues. Yesterday we began with Vox’s Ezra Klein on Donald Trump’s ideology of violence. Today we see Vox’s Johnny Harris and German Lopez on America’s prescription opioid epidemic. Tomorrow we’ll conclude with Hillary Clinton’s speech on counterterrorism and foreign policy.

“In 2014, 47,000 Americans died from drug overdose. That’s a new record.”

In the wake of this week’s attack in Brussels, the media are breathless about the threat of terrorism. But Americans are far more likely to die at their own hands, with an assist from doctors and drug companies, as Vox’s Johnny Harris and German Lopez explain:

President Obama’s new budget includes $1.1 billion to combat this epidemic, but of course Senate Republicans blocked emergency funding for that program. Because $94 billion in “emergency” military spending is fine, but $800 million to save lives here at home is too expensive….


Photo Credit: University of Kentucky Faculty Media Depot


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