In a Vox video, Ezra Klein explains that Donald Trump has a brutally simple ideology, one that continues to baffle political insiders and pundits. (More)

Let’s Go to the Video, Part I: Ezra Klein on Donald Trump’s Ideology of Violence

This week Morning Feature offers video explainers on some of this year’s important issues. Today we begin with Vox’s Ezra Klein on Donald Trump’s ideology of violence. Tomorrow we’ll see Vox’s Johnny Harris and German Lopez on America’s prescription opioid epidemic. Saturday we’ll conclude with Hillary Clinton’s speech on counterterrorism and foreign policy.

“Nobody wants to hurt each other anymore”

Donald Trump’s success continues to baffle political insiders and pundits. They claim he has no ideology, but that may be because his ideology is so simple and brutal that they can’t see it. Vox’s Ezra Klein explains:

Klein is correct. Trump’s ideology is white nationalism backed by brute force. For Trump, that starts here at home: by encouraging, justifying, and defending supporters when they attack protesters and anyone else they deem Other.

And while conservatives may claim that defies conservatism, Vox’s German Lopez reports that President Richard Nixon’s decision to declare a “war on drugs” was calculated to criminalize his most vocal dissidents: anti-war hippies and African-Americans.

Trump is not an outlier to conservatism. For all their prattle about “freedom,” for them that has always meant the freedom of white men to dominate America and the world.


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