Yesterday’s Utah primary left me thinking about Uinta Ground Squirrels, as I’m sure it did for you as well. Wildlife biologists are studying the effects of climate change and, so far, my cousins in Utah seem to be adapting. (More)

Ground squirrels hibernate, sort of like political consultants between elections. Okay, it’s nothing like that. Political consultants don’t hibernate. They just move to cable news.

But ground squirrels don’t get cable news gigs, so they do hibernate. That makes them especially sensitive to climate change, and wildlife biologists in Utah decided to study the effects of climate change on Uinta Ground Squirrels:

That’s good news for my cousins, so far. But humans don’t hibernate, and not all of you can get cable news gigs either. Plus cable news may be adding to climate change, with all the hot air they spew. So turn off the news and think about what you can do to preserve our environment.


Photo Credit: Unknown, tweeted by Cindy Bourque


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