The photo left outside the mail room by the resident faculty has the staff worried. Surely they don’t expect us to open a video studio. We hope it’s just their weekly clue…. (More)

“I don’t know how to clean a video studio,” the Professor of Astrology Janitor said, looking at the photo left by the resident faculty when they made their way from the wine cellar library, where they spent the weekend drinking thinking on our motto of Magis vinum, magis verum (“More wine, more truth”), to the hot tub faculty lounge for their weekly game where the underwear goes flying planning conference. “Will I need special cleaners for the lights and cameras and stuff? And what about that green screen?”

“Maybe you can launder it?” Chef suggested as she brought out the decoder ring.

 photo SquirrelPecanRing.jpeg

“How would I dry it?” the Professor of Astrology Janitor asked. “If I put it in the dryer it will probably wrinkle.”

“We could run a clothesline to Árbol Squirrel,” Chef said.

The Squirrel shook his head and tapped at his Blewberry. “Two words: bird poop.”

“There is that,” the Professor of Astrology Janitor agreed.

“The good news,” the Squirrel texted, “is that the resident faculty were being metathreeical.”

Chef arched an eyebrow as she scraped stray pecans into the Squirrel’s bowl. “Don’t you mean metaphorical? Or is this the opposite of the late, great comic Victor Borge’s skit on inflationary language?”

“That’s actually very close,” the Squirrel texted.

“Something about deflation?” the Professor of Astrology Janitor asked. “Has something happened with the economy that I haven’t read about.”

The Squirrel looked at the Professor of Astrology Janitor and tapped at his Blewberry. “Yes, probably. But that’s not the topic.”

“So not inflation or deflation,” Chef mused, “but I was very close.”

“With a video,” the Professor of Astrology Janitor added.

The Squirrel lifted a paw as a high-four and then texted. “Exactly. This week the resident faculty will post a series of interesting videos about political topics, from TED talks and other sources.”

“In other words,” Chef said, “both you and the resident faculty want a week off from writing, but we’ll still have content in the morning.”

The Squirrel nodded and tapped at his Blewberry. “That’s the plan.”

And the best-laid plans….


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Photo Credit: University of Kentucky Faculty Media Depot


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