These one liners are free for the taking and I hope you’ll use them whenever you can slip them in. The idea is both to mock him and to get people to think. (More)

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The bully pulpit does not mean we need to elect a bully as president.

If you want a better job or a job at all, why elect someone whose campaign hats were made in China?

How will our schools stop bullying if we elect a bully-in-chief as president?

The presidency is not a reality TV show.

If we all punched out the people we disagreed with, who would be left standing?

When someone claims to be a “job creator” always ask where and for whom the jobs will be created.

Like China’s air pollution and Flint’s poisoned water? That’s what we’ll get if he eliminates the Environmental Protection Agency.

Like your health insurance changes like no bans on pre-existing conditions and no life-time caps? Forget about those when Trump eliminates the ACA, aka Obamacare.

Want your kids’ schools to no longer be gun free zones? Trump’s plan allows guns in schools, just so you know.

He wants to put a billionaire hedge fund manager in charge of negotiating trade deals. That will help average people how exactly?

He says he can control Putin and China. Why can’t he control his own supporters?

The Washington Post has a list of 76 promises that Trump has made on the campaign trail. Some of the one-liners came from reading this list.

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