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Julius Caesar was assassinated today (44 BCE). Also, Eastern Wu’s Sun Hao surrendered to Sima Yan, beginning China’s Jin Dynasty (280), Christopher Columbus returned to Spain after his first trip to the Americas (1493), the Council of Trent opened (1545), England’s Charles II issued the Declaration of Indulgence legalizing Roman Catholicism, although he would be forced to repeal it a year later (1672), George Washington’s speech to disgruntled Continental Army officers ended the Newburgh Conspiracy (1783), Maine became our 23rd state (1820), New York Archbishop John McCloskey was named the first cardinal in the U.S. (1875), Australia and England played in the first official test cricket match (1877), Liverpool Football Club was founded (1892), Rolls-Royce Limited was incorporated (1906), President Woodrow Wilson ordered U.S. troops across the Mexican border to pursue Pancho Villa (1916), Russia’s Nicholas II abdicated (1917), Fuad I was crowned king of nominally-independent Egypt (1922), 27 people died when the SS Viking exploded off the coast of Newfoundland (1931), Percy Shaw founded Reflecting Roadstuds Limited to make “cat’s eye” road markers (1935), a world-record 73″ of rain fell in 24 hours on the Indian Ocean island of Rรฉunion (1952), My Fair Lady premiered on Broadway (1956), President Lyndon Johnson used the phrase “We shall overcome” in a speech urging Congress to pass the Voting Rights Act (1965), the first Internet domain name was registered, on the same day Brazil’s military dictatorship ended (1985), 33 people died when the Hotel New World collapsed in Singapore (1986), and the Treaty on the Final Settlement with Respect to Germany took effect, restoring full sovereignty for the newly-reunited Germany (1991). And Arab Spring protests began in Syria, the start of the still-ongoing Syrian Civil War (2011).


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