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Catherine Cornaro, Queen of Cyprus, abdicated and sold her indebted realm to the Republic of Venice today (1489). Also, Spanish forces captured Fort Charlotte in Mobile, to safeguard New Orleans from the British during the American Revolutionary War (1780), Eli Whitney patented the cotton gin (1794), Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado premiered (1885), President William McKinley signed the Gold Standard Act (1900), the U.S. Senate ratified the Hay–Herrán Treaty, allowing the U.S. to build the Panama Canal, on the same day President Theodore Roosevelt established the Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge (1903), Bakersfield, California’s Lakeview Gusher gushed (1910), 248 people were killed when a train derailed on a bridge over the Virilla River Canyon in Costa Rica (1926), Alam Ara premiered as India’s first talking film (1931), the first all-sound film of Show Boat opened at the Radio City Music Hall (1936), Orvan Hess and John Bumstead treated Anne Miller with penicillin (1942), Jack Ruby was convicted of the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald (1964), the body of President John Kennedy was moved to a permanent burial site at Arlington National Cemetery (1967), 44 people died when an unqualified pilot stole and crashed an airliner into a factory near Beijing (1979), 87 people including the U.S. boxing team died when Polish LOT Flight 7 crashed on final approach near Warsaw (1980), Chinese and Vietnamese forces fought a one-day skirmish for control of the Johnson South Reef (1988), Linux kernel version 1.0.0 was released (1994), Norman Thagard launched with Mir-18, the first U.S. astronaut to crew a Russian space mission (1995), and 14 people were killed as Indian police clashed with protesters in Nandigram (2007). And unrest erupted across Tibet (2008).


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