Yesterday we lost a dear friend with a wonderful gift for humor. Rest in Peace, Triciawyse. (More)

Like many of you, I first met Tricia when at DailyKos. She organized the afternoon Pootie series there and brought much-needed levity to the forum. About a year after we migrated here to BPICampus, Tricia offered to bring us Fursdai Furries and Friedai Critters in Midday Matinee. She had a gift for humor, both recognizing it at other LOLCat sites and creating her own.

A few weeks ago, Tricia contacted me on Twitter and said she was in the hospital and unable to post that week. With her permission, I began to re-post some of her past collections on Thursdays and Fridays. Each week, WinterBanyan or I asked if she felt well enough to post, and each week she said “Not yet.”

Yesterday we lost a voice that sparkled with gentle humor and good cheer, and I will miss her. Rest in peace, Tricia.


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Happy Sunday!