Yesterday an almost unanimous U.S. Supreme Court let four women’s health clinics reopen in Louisiana. And not-really-a-Democrat Jim Webb all but endorsed Donald Trump. (More)

“Consistent with the Court’s action….”

The Court’s brief order left no doubt about their reasoning:

Consistent with the Court’s action granting a stay in Whole Woman’s Health v. Cole, No. 14A1288 (June 29, 2015), the application to vacate the stay entered by the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit on February 24, 2016, presented to Justice Thomas and by him referred to the Court, is granted and the Fifth Circuit’s stay of the district court’s injunction is vacated.

Justice Thomas would deny the application.

In Whole Woman’s Health v. Cole, the Court stayed application of a Texas law that would have closed 10 women’s health clinics, to give the Court time to decide an appeal on that case. Given that, the Fifth Circuit Court’s “emergency’ decision in the Louisiana case was … unusual.

But attorneys for the state of Louisiana insisted that closing all but two women’s health clinics in the state would not pose an undue burden:

In their own brief, state officials said things were not that dire. Three doctors, they said, have admitting privileges “that allow them to continue to provide abortions in two of the major population centers in Louisiana – Shreveport and New Orleans.”

“At worst,” the state told the justices, the law “would still leave over 90 percent of Louisiana women within 150 miles of an operating abortion clinic.”

Well sure. What could be the problem with that?

Fortunately, 7 of the 8 Justices disagreed. Or at least they agreed that the Fifth Circuit must respect the Supreme Court’s prior Texas stay until the Court decides that case.


“If you’re voting for Donald Trump, you may get something very good or very bad”

That may not sound like praise, but yesterday former Democratic WHannabe Jim Webb ruled out voting for Hillary Clinton:

“I would not vote for Hillary Clinton,” Webb said on MSBNC’s “Morning Joe.”

When asked whether he’d vote for Trump, Webb said he wasn’t closed to the idea. “I’m not sure yet. I don’t know who I’m going to vote for,” he said.

He said Clinton would simply continue President Barack Obama’s policies, but that with Trump, things would change – but he’s not convinced it would be for the better.

“If you’re voting for Donald Trump, you may get something very good or very bad,” Webb said. “If you’re voting for Hillary Clinton, you’re going to be getting the same thing.”

I suppose Any Change Beats More Of The Same is a rationale. Then again, Webb’s former senior strategist – David “Mudcat” Sanders – said he won’t vote for Clinton either … and Heather Digby Parton offers a clue as to why:

You remember Mudcat:

Bubba doesn’t call them illegal immigrants. He calls them illegal aliens. If the Democrats put illegal aliens in their bait can, we’re going to come home with a bunch of white males in the boat.”

There you go.

Webb could be the poster child for so-called ‘Reagan Democrats.’ In fact, he served as Assistant Secretary of Defense and then Secretary of the Navy under Reagan in the 1980s, and in 2004 wrote that Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry “deserved condemnation” for opposing the Vietnam War. So I won’t lose much sleep over whether this never-really-a-Democrat opposes Hillary Clinton … even if he ends up endorsing Donald Trump.


Photo Credit: Jeff Kubina (Wikimedia)


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