I have old friends and new friends. Some of the ‘old’ ones I have had for 35 or 40 years. Some of the newer ones I’ve had for less than 10 years. I love and value all my friends. I am wondering if I have enough young friends.(More)

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My Aunt Mary died in her 90’s and her funeral was packed with people of all ages. Obviously most of them were younger than she. She lived her adult life in a small farm town in Nebraska. She was an active church goer, PEO member, breast cancer survivor and volunteer. She made friends wherever she went and nurtured them. She clipped the newspapers and sent items to people mentioned in them. She set up single moms with PEO scholarships and high school girls with trips to Coty College. She was also very good at hooking up people she knew with other people she knew for their mutual advantage. I think it helped that she lived in the same place for over 70 years.

I remember a comment she made when she was probably in her 70’s. She said, “I’m getting to the age when I could go to a friend’s funeral every week. It is important as you age to make sure you make some younger friends. If you outlive all your friends your own age, you’ll be lonely.”

I got to thinking about my network of friends. I was “counting my blessings” as an antidote to being mildly depressed by politics and the state of the world. I may need to make some more younger friends. Most of new both newer and younger friends come from working to save the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness from destruction by sulfide mining. This activism is also where I’ve made my three or four Republican friends.

I also noted on my list that my friends are, with a few rare exceptions, all Democrats. That brought me up short. I live in a blue bubble. Now I have some choices to make. I wonder how my life might be different if I consciously tried to make some Republican friends. I really don’t even have a clue about how to do this or if I even want to. What a bizarre thought. Politicians assure us that they can reach across the aisle to do the peoples’ business. Bipartisanship is some kind of elusive, rarely fulfilled promise. Maybe the next set of polling questions should ask how many friends a respondent has from the “other political party.”

At any rate, a deep thank you to all of my friends! You enrich my life in so many ways.