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England’s Charles I was beheaded today (1649). Also, Oliver Cromwell, who had deposed Charles I, was ritually executed two years after his own death (1661), the first specialized lifeboat was tested on the River Tyne (1790), the original Lower Trenton Bridge opened across the Delaware River (1806), as did the Menai Suspension Bridge, considered the first modern suspension bridge (1826), a fire devastated most of Mayagüez, Puerto Rico (1841), the Californian city of Yerba Buena was renamed San Francisco (1847), The Hallé debuted in Manchester, England, marking their start as a full-time, professional orchestra (1858), the Canadian Naval Service became the Royal Canadian Navy (1911), Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany (1933), Mohandas Gandhi was assassinated (1948), the home of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was bombed in retaliation for his support of the Montgomery Bus Boycott (1956), North Vietnamese and Viet Cong forces launched the Tet Offensive (1968), police shut down an impromptu concert by the Beatles atop a London record studio, ending the group’s last public performance (1969), Carole King’s Tapestry was released and would top the Billboard chart for 15 consecutive weeks, still the record for a solo female artist (1971), Pakistan withdrew from the Commonwealth of Nations (1972), the USS Monitor National Marine Sanctuary became the first U.S. National Marine Sanctuary, on the 113th anniversary of the first ironclad’s launch (1975), Richard Skrenta wrote “Elk Cloner,” the first PC virus (1982), 14-year-old Péter Lékó became the youngest chess grandmaster (1994), the National Institutes of Health announced the success of clinical trials for the first preventative treatment for sickle-cell disease (1995), 169 people died as Kenya Airways Flight 431 crashed into the Atlantic off the coast of Côte d’Ivoire (2000), and Belgium recognized marriage equality (2003). And South Korea launched Naro-1, the first Korean rocket to carry a satellite into orbit (2013).


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