I have been thinking about cleaning up my computer files. Most advice columns assume I have folders. I have a couple but mostly I just randomly save stuff. In real life I am more of a piler than a filer so it makes sense that my virtual MO would be the same. (More)

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Natasha Stokes at Techlicious must know me. She wrote:

If you haven’t been organizing and discarding files as you go, it’s likely your hard drive is stuffed with downloads, unwanted photos, file copies and other digital dust bunnies. This can reveal itself in slower performance, that unsettling humming noise, and the Mac’s dreaded spinning wheel or Windows’ inverting hourglass.

My computer is a MacBookPro with an Obama 2012 sticker on it. I have never cleaned up stuff and I know there are tons of duplicate photos, recipes and some documents that I will never again need or read. I love the phrase “digital dust bunnies.” I clean out my closets more often than this. If these were real dust bunnies I’d probably have at least enough to make a pillow if not a sleeping bag. I do know quilters who save dryer lint to use as batting.

Her advice was the simplest and easiest to follow for me. So far I have removed duplicate photos. I had tons. The next step is to go after duplicate files and folders. I am feeling emboldened by my first foray into computer clean up.

The photos took several hours, but not because of the technology. Looking through 8,000 photos was a long winding trip down memory lane. A good portion of the photos are of my grandkids. It was like watching them each grow up in an hour. The other big category was travel photos and they also had me stopping and remembering. So the time I “wasted” was most enjoyable. I had a smile on my face for hours.

Techlicious has more advanced advice which I may try after I get through the basics. For now, I am justing feeling like starting was the hard part. Continuing will be easy. The dreaded spinning wheel is no longer spinning. She also has advice for windows users.