I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. For me the energy of fall and the old “back to school tapes” are the time of year that historically signifies new beginnings. It was also the only time of year as a kid that I got new shoes, which I love.(More)

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I was visiting with my sister last night. The topic of resolutions came up as her son had just asked her if she made any. She told him, “I’m just going to try to be better at everything.” I think I could live with that as my resolution too. It covers the bases and says “continuous improvement” in a very generic non-six sigma sort of way.

There are lots of ads on the TV for a variety of weight loss programs. I am assuming that new year’s resolutions prompted this barrage of before and after smiling, skinnier people. If I still had them, the only pants I could hold out with room for another person would have been maternity pants from 40 years ago. I didn’t see an advertisement for going vegan and abandoning red meat for the sake of climate change. Think of all the methane cow farts produce every day! Think of the land devoted to growing food for or grazing cattle. Think of the water used to irrigate those crops. I might have paid attention to that ad. I also guess that such an ad might be called un-American by many.

This must also be high season for fitness resolutions. Gym membership peaks about now. My daughter-in-law came home from a fitness club (she has attended regularly for years) complaining about the ‘new people’ who had no idea what they’d signed up for. They were also so out of shape that the drop out rate halfway through the class was impressive. I am all for fitness but somehow suspicious of people who decide to “get fit” on New Year’s Eve. How about just taking a walk every day? Walking in the snow, in the rain and on those beautiful sunny days sounds doable and also healthy.

If you are a person who makes New Year’s resolutions, good for you. I’m sure there is probably even an app for you to track your progress. As for me, I just hope I can be like my sister and “be better at everything.” If not that, I hope I can be kind to others as I move through my days.