As parents is it perhaps easy to miss the moments of pure joy that kids can deliver. As a grandparent they are easier to notice and to cherish. (More)

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I have been with my son and D-I-L and their three kids for a week now. My son and his wife are excellent parents which makes my role as nana totally blissful. The three kids, a girl 9, a boy 7, and a girl 4 are wonderful kids. They have ups and downs and moments of “What were you thinking?” that all kids have.

Yesterday the youngest ran out of the bathroom waving her arms above her head and dancing through the kitchen. She was wearing long underwear and wool socks in preparation for ice skating on the pond behind their house. She was squealing with joy. Her joy was contagious as were her giggles.

After big hugs all around I asked her why she was so happy. She looked at me and rolled her eyes. She said, “We have snow. We have ice on the pond. I have ice skates. Why wouldn’t I be happy?” Duh.

Sometimes happiness can be that simple if we let it be so. The youngest got her skates from the neighbors who have twin girls just enough older and bigger that their old skates fit her perfectly. My son took the older two skate shopping after church because last year’s skates were way too small. In Minnesota, used skates are widely available and reasonably priced. By mid-afternoon every kid was geared up and ready to skate. I remember the parental role of getting the new sizes for the current season.

I remember telling my younger son to have a conversation with his feet (size 14) to tell them to stop growing because downhill ski boots above a size 14 were special order and terribly expensive. I threatened to take a chain saw to his boots to make room for his growing feet and cover the hole with duct tape. Those are the kinds of things that occupy a parent’s mind.

A grandparent’s mind can simply rejoice in the unbridled joy of a young girl happy with the weather and skates that fit. Joy!