We’ve all received them. We’ve all given them. The holiday gifts that were … perfectly awful. (More)

You’ve been there. You open the wrapping paper – or the gift bag, if the person followed the Squirrel’s wrapping advice. You look at it. You look at the tree. You look at the floor. You look at the wall. You take a deep breath and manufacture a smile.

“It’s … perfect!”

Maybe it’s a gag gift, like the nose-shaped shower soap dispenser in today’s logo. The one with the green shower gel. Because fun!

Maybe it wasn’t a gag gift. But it would look perfect, on your daughter. Or your grandmother. Or it’s the height of fashion, in another country. Or another decade. Or it would fit two of you. Or half of you.

So … what was that perfectly awful gift?


Photo Credit: Daily Telegraph


Merry Christmas!