Yesterday there was some discussion in Campus Chatter about giftwrapping. I thought some tips would be helpful. (More)

You can see in today’s logo photo how squirrels wrap gifts. Just use a ribbon and tie a bow around the nut. The shell is the nut’s own wrapping paper and the ribbon makes it festive. So really, it’s that simple. You’re welcome.

Okay, I heard that. Yes, sometimes humans don’t give just one nut. And that’s very kind of you. You can also put a bunch of nuts in a Christmas stocking. Simple. And you’re welcome. Again.

Sigh. Sure, you might also give nuts in boxes. For that you can use a gift bag. But tip the bag onto its side, so your squirrel friends crawl get in easily. You’re welcome. Still.

Deep breath. Of course not all of your gifts will go to squirrels. I get that. If you give a box of nuts to a human friend, you don’t have to tip the gift bag onto its side, because your human friend probably won’t crawl into the bag to get the box of nuts. Really, I didn’t think I’d need to explain that. But you’re welcome. Barely.

Harrumph. Yes, you might buy a human friend some other gift, instead of a box of nuts. I’ve no idea why, but humans are strange. Regardless, the gift bag doesn’t care what’s in the box. And you’re pushing that welcome.

Well, if the box is too big for that gift bag, get a bigger gift bag. Seriously. This isn’t rocket surgery. Please.

Okay, look. If you can afford to give someone a home appliance or a car or some other gift that’s too big for any gift bag, then you can also afford to pay a professional to tie a pretty bow around it. Why be so extravagant and yet such a cheapskate?

Sigh. You’re right. That was rude. I’m sorry.

Thank you. And yes, I did. Here. Don’t eat it all at once.

You’re welcome. Kinda.


Photo Credit: Unknown, found at OrganizeYourStuffNow


Good day and good nuts