There are other articles that tell women how to buy the perfect jeans to enhance their body type or look good from behind or whatever. This is a different kind of story.(More)

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I have been wearing the same brand and model of jeans for years. Since I am a campground host, jeans are more functional and less a fashion statement for me. Levi’s 525, straight leg, perfect waist are my favorites. My oldest pair are so thin that if I did a deep knee bend I’m pretty sure the knees would split open. I do own some camping pants but the jeans are better at keeping the bugs from biting me.

In the fall I found a pair marked way down. Usually I can grab them on sale for between $25 and $35. The list price is between $49 and $55 but in the spirit of today’s marketing, no one pays that. The pair I bought in early fall I got for 12 dollars and change. I was really excited with my purchase until the checkout person told me they were being discontinued. Yikes!

I was looking on-line for something else and decided to search for my jeans. Great news is that two stores carried them and one close to me had them on sale and in stock. I don’t really ‘need’ them right now but the idea that they might be being discontinued freaked me out. My inner hoarder took over. Or maybe it was my inner “be prepared” Girl Scout.

I have stood in a dressing room trying on jeans and more jeans. For a brief while I was fascinated by the jeans decorated with rhinestones and rivets and metallic stitching. The problem with fashion forward jeans like that is that the zippers are 3″ long and that means the jeans are below hip huggers and definitely made for bodies much younger than mine. I see teens wearing these fancy jeans with stiletto heels. This is not a look I can embrace. Stiletto heels in a campground? Every day walking behind a lawn mower or carrying the weed whip? I don’t think so.

I am pondering going back and buying another pair “just in case.” The very idea of finding a new favorite brand and model is beyond my ken. I am 68, almost 69. I wonder how many I would need to have a ‘lifetime’ supply?