My 69th birthday is approaching. I’ve just read that 68 marks the end of middle age. Between the looming beginning of what I assume is ‘old age’ and the crazy state of the world, I am pondering some changes. (More)

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To be very clear, I don’t feel like old age is starting next month. It could be denial or just be that my body has been pretty cooperative about aging well. However, my 4 year old granddaughter drew a picture of me and accurately put in my wrinkles. She even pointed out the lines and told me what they were. I am not worried about changing my wrinkles. I am of the school of thought that says I earned them.

I have in the past occasionally directed my need to change something at my hair. This used to strike with great regularity every February. That month in Minnesota is like, “Will this winter ever end?” People do crazy things in February. One January a good friend pointed on my pattern of making bad hair decisions in February. She made me promise to call her before I did something stupid. The worst decision was letting someone convince me that a gentle permanent might relax my naturally curly hair. The result was something close to pubic hair. Not good.

I joined Pinterest to get pins for my D-I-L’s recipes. She is an excellent and adventurous chef. I started looking a pictures of gray hair and braids. Then I found myself looking at pictures of people with pastel hair in shades of lavenders, pinks and blues. To my amazement, some of the models looked to be close to my age. I have started to think that lavender hair might be kind of fun. At least the person I am often shocked to see in the mirror would be truly shocking.

One of my fellow campground hosts is my age and embraced this trend. She’d spent years working in a bank and decided that a head full of pastel streaks was a great way to mark her retirement from the bank and her after retirement job as a camp host. It looked good on her head of mostly silver hair. I too lived in corporate America for much of my life. Maybe the millennials have made this trend acceptable there. Maybe.

The book When I am an Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple came out in 1987. I was 41 and didn’t really get the liberation that came with old age. I didn’t get the poverty either but that’s another story. I am liberated and I may soon be sporting pale purple (temporary colored) hair. It is a change and a statement that I can make. To be honest, I have no idea what the statement is but it is a change I can make.