FIGJAM is an acronym for “F– I’m Good, Just Ask Me.” I first heard it used to reference a cricket player and I’m adopting it. (More)

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FIGJAM is a popular acronym in Australia.I really like it and would love to see it spread beyond athletics to say politics. It has already spread beyond cricket to golf. GQ has a list of The Ten Most Hated Athletes:

[Phil] Mickelson has earned many nicknames on the [PGA] Tour, but our favorite is FIGJAM (F– I’m good, just ask me). “There are a bunch of pros who think he and his whole smiley, happy face are a fraud,” another reporter says. “They think he’s preening and insincere.”

And The Telegraph has this to say about cricketer Kevin Pietersen:

To outsiders he is perceived as arrogant. The Australians called him The Ego and then upgraded it to FIGJAM which translates as ‘F– I’m Good, Just Ask Me’.

To be fair, both GQ and The Telegraph have some nice things to say about both Mickelson and Pietersen.

If we move into the realm of politics, I have to think that Donald Trump would qualify as a FIGJAM kind of guy:

“We will have so much winning if I get elected that you may get bored with winning.”

Ted Cruz may also qualify:

“They said, ‘Listen, before you did this, the politics of it were great: The Dems were the bad guys, the Republicans were the good guys. Now we all look like a bunch of squishes. Well, there is an alternative: You can just not be a bunch of squishes.” — Cruz on a private meeting with other Republican senators

And this:

“Twenty years from now if there is some obscure trivial pursuit question, I am confident I will be the answer.”

The floor is open for further nominations. If you meet an Aussie thank them and let’s spread the FIGJAM!