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Empress Wu Zetian ascended to the throne of China’s Tang Dynasty today (690). Also, Jadwiga was crowned King of Poland, rather than queen, to emphasize that she was the sovereign and not a royal consort (1384), George Washington’s Continental Army captured Yorktown, effectively ending the American War of Independence (1781), Marie Antoinette was executed (1793), much of the ancient Palace of Westminster burned to the ground in London (1834), Queen’s University was founded in Kingston, Ontario (1841), William Rowan Hamilton described the non-commutative complex number system known as quaternions (1843), William Morton demonstrated ether anesthesia at the Massachusetts General Hospital (1846), well-diggers discovered the “Cardiff Giant” planted nearly a year before by hoaxer George Hull, on the same day Girton College, Cambridge was founded as England’s first residential university for women (1869), Brigham Young University was founded (1875), the Nickel Plate Railroad opened (1882), Margaret Sanger opened America’s first family planning clinic in New York City (1916), Walt and Roy Disney founded the Walt Disney Company (1923), Wally Walrus debuted in The Beach Nut (1944), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations was established in Québec City (1945), the Nazi leaders convicted in the Main Trial at Nuremberg were executed (1946), Liaquat Ali Khan, the first Prime Minister of Pakistan, was assassinated (1951), President John Kennedy was shown photographs of Soviet missiles in Cuba (1962), China detonates her first nuclear weapon (1964), gold- and silver-medal-winning sprinters Tommie Smith and John Carlos were suspended from the U.S. Olympic Team after raising their fists in solidarity with the anti-apartheid and civil rights movements during their medal ceremony in Mexico City, on the same day the visa denial of Guyanese activist Walter Rodney sparked riots in Kingston, Jamaica (1968), Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau invoked the War Measures Act as the kidnapping of two government officials by Québec separatists escalated into the October Crisis (1970), Henry Kissinger and Le Duc Tho were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (1973), Indonesian troops killed five Australian television journalists based in Balibo, in what was then Portuguese Timor, on the same day two-year-old Bangladeshi Rahima Banu contracted the last naturally-transmitted case of smallpox (1975), Polish priest Karol Wojtyla was elected John Paul II, on the same day Wanda Rutkiewicz became the first Pole and first European woman to summit Mount Everest (1978), The Bill, Britain’s longest-running police drama, premiered on ITV, on the same day Desmond Tutu was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (1984), Reinhold Messner became the first climber to summit all 14 Eight-thousanders (1986), 20 people were killed when a gunman opened fire in a Luby’s Cafeteria in Killeen, Texas (1991), the Million Man March occurred in Washington, D.C., on the same day Scotland’s Skye Bridge opened (1995), 84 people died when 47,000 soccer fans tried to crowd into the 36,000-seat Estadio Mateo Flores in Guatemala City (1996), former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet was arrested in London (1998), the Bibliotheca Alexandrina opened, commemorating the lost Library of Alexandria (2002), Honolulu International Airport was closed and tens of thousands of people lost power as a magnitude 6.7 earthquake rocked Hawaii (2006), and a team of European astronomers reported their discovery of the extrasolar planet Alpha Centauri Bb, although the evidence remains in dispute (2012). And 49 people died when Lao Airlines Flight 301 crashed on approach to Pakse International Airport in Laos (2013).


The Janitor Professor of Astrology found his round tuit while researching this week’s Bippiescopes….

Libra: Enjoy a nap after chores this weekend. Or skip the chores.

Scorpio: Patience is a virtue this weekend. So be patient, right now.

Sagittarius: Reveal your vulnerability this weekend. Then hide.

Capricorn: Let your actions speak this weekend. A finger, for example.

Aquarius: Spread your wings this weekend. Or try on another Halloween costume.

Pisces: Face your fears this weekend. It’s only a haircut, after all.

Aries: Let Cupid in this weekend. Unless you’re in a scene of Arrow.

Taurus: Trust your sixth sense this weekend. Or your last nerve.

Gemini: See the abundance of the universe this weekend. Then check your budget.

Cancer: Gather all the facts this weekend. Try not to lose them this time.

Leo: Don’t get lost in fantasies this weekend. The orcs left directions.

Virgo: Let someone else lead this weekend. Snicker from the sidelines.


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