Remember the commercial that asked if it was “Live or Memorex?” I was starting to wonder if my inability to remember was a “senior moment” or just run of the mill forgetfulness. It started with my reading glasses. (More)

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I buy inexpensive reading glasses. I buy them in quantity and have a stash of them, maybe ten pairs. I kept raiding the stash and suddenly one day I grabbed the last pair. I live in a 30′ camper so really, I anticipated a quick round-up and I’d be good to go. I found a few pair beside the bed, in the bathroom, hanging off the cords to the blinds but still not all of them. I found a couple of pairs in my car, one on the picnic table and one on top of the firewood bins. I don’t remember taking them off there but they are a loose-fitting pair and maybe they kept falling off while I was restacking the bins.

I have one of those little eyeglass repair kits. When I lose a screw and the temple falls off, I usually try to repair it. Actually, if the people in Washington D.C. wanted to be useful in drafting new regulations, I think standardizing eye glass screws would make lots of people on both sides of the aisle very happy. It’s probably not a cause worthy of a petition but sometimes the little things make us ‘little people’ happy.

Over the weekend I visited my sister and her kids (including the new six week old granddaughter) who were all camping. Her son and daughter-in-law couldn’t find their car keys. They are new to the diaper bag and the parenting routine. Watching them check every pocket in the bag feeling for the car keys warmed my heart. I think they are both 30 years old. My first thought was, “Okay. This can happen at any age. Good to know.”

They do have the excuse of being sleep deprived with the new baby, but still. The new mom remembered she had put them in an eyeglass case when her husband shook it and said, “In here?”

After watching that exercise, I didn’t feel like my eye glass diaspora was anything to worry about. I am still missing one red pair but I think they’ll show up eventually. This is why I buy the inexpensive ones. I know myself and glasses. I am not a reliable in caring for them. Thank goodness I don’t need glasses to drive.