Yesterday President Obama announced a campaign to encourage legal, eligible immigrants to finish the process and become U.S. citizens. Or as conservatives see it, “rigging the vote.” Also, Bristol Palin had a tantrum. (More)

“This is an opportunity for us to organize”

Right now almost 9 million legal immigrants are eligible for citizenship, and President Obama wants to help them complete the process:

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, the federal agency in charge of naturalizations, will offer practice tests on cellphones for the civics exam that immigrants must pass, but which many find daunting, and will hold preparatory workshops in rural areas. Applicants will also be able to pay the fee, still a hefty $680, with a credit card.

The White House is working with regional immigrant groups to organize more than 70 citizenship workshops and about 200 naturalization ceremonies in the coming week alone. Four citizenship ambassadors have been named, including Fernando Valenzuela, the Mexican-born former pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers who recently became an American citizen after many years in the United States.

Also in the works are local initiatives to make immigrants feel more welcome, and a revision of Justice Department regulations that would make it easier for people who want to help immigrants naturalize to obtain credentials to provide basic volunteer legal assistance.

Predictably, Republicans are not happy:

“I think it’s healthy for a democracy for people to become citizens,” said Alfonso Aguilar, executive director of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles. “Sadly, I think the administration went overboard. A full-fledged campaign from the White House telling people to become a citizen, I think it is politicizing the naturalization process.” Mr. Aguilar, a Republican, was head of the citizenship office at the immigration agency for six years under the administration of President George W. Bush. He urged Congress to keep an eye on the campaign to make sure it did not go beyond civics education.

And the wingnuts’ exclusionary rhetoric is exactly what’s driving the campaign:

“We want to build off the negative energy,” said Tara Raghuveer, policy and advocacy director for the National Partnership for New Americans, a coalition of immigrant groups that is holding dozens of events during the campaign. “People are hearing the hate and racist xenophobia on the national stage from the presidential candidates. They are angry, and this is an opportunity for us to organize.”

“We have just allowed an invading horde to taken over our country”

For an example of the “hate and racist xenophobia,” check out this bizarre screed by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton at John Hawkins Right Wing News:

It’s just as I predicted. Obama is now doing a massive push to get what he is calling ‘immigrants’ to become citizens just in time for the 2016 election. Special emphasis is on the Latino and Asian vote. This could add millions of voters to the electorate and it is what the Marxists have been planning all along. This was their goal so they could stay in power indefinitely. And people wonder why Americans are so ticked that our borders have been erased and we have just allowed an invading horde to taken over our country. Now they want to say who will govern us. Screw that. This is why Trump is so popular. Americans want the border closed, a wall built and a moratorium on immigration until all of this can be addressed. A good place to start would be massive deportations.

Again, all of the 8.8 million people that the president’s campaign will try to help are legal residents who are already eligible to become citizens. They just haven’t finished the naturalization process yet. But Monroe-Hamilton doesn’t let mere facts get in the way of her racist rant:

Notice how Obama is painting those who want national security and to make America great again as racist xenophobes. Also notice that Obama’s media partner in this is Univision. I’m really learning to hate them. The immigrant groups tout their anger… but theirs is no match for the anger of America in general right now. What’s to stop millions of illegal immigrants fraudulently voting in the next presidential election? They could vote multiple times or from the grave. It’s all been rigged for them. The Democrats have set it up so that they don’t have to prove who they are. Rampant voter fraud will be everywhere if this is not addressed immediately. They’ve got the criminal vote going for them, now they are pushing legal immigrants to become citizens any way they can to bolster the vote as well. They are coaching them and babying them through the process. If you dig, I’ll bet some of their fees are being paid, which is illegal. The push is on to rig the next election – the question is, will America stand still for it this time?

So there ya go. If we help already-eligible people complete the legal process and become citizens, we’ll end up with “millions of illegal immigrants fraudulently voting … from the grave.” She probably has zombies under her bed, too….


“Childish games like this from our president have divided our country”

And speaking of rants, Bristol Palin offered her boundless wisdom on President Obama inviting 14-year-old budding scientist Ahmed Mohamed to the Astronomy Night at the White House:

In case you missed it. The President invited Ahmed Mohamed to visit the White House to show the President his homemade clock. The fourteen year old was arrested after someone reported that he was building a bomb.

This is the kind of stuff Obama needs to STAY out of. This encourages more racial strife that is already going on with the “Black Lives Matter” crowd and encourages victimhood.

The police made a mistake, clearly.

But why put more people against them? Why egg it on? Childish games like this from our president have divided our country… even more today than when he was elected.

Yes, why call attention to injustice? We should cluck our tongues and shrug it off when cops strangle a black man in New York, or bounce a black man around the inside of a police van in Baltimore, or gun down a black father buying a toy gun at an Ohio WalMart and a black child playing with a toy gun in an Ohio park. So what if none of those victims had done anything wrong? “Childish games” like protesting their deaths just “put more people against [cops]” and “egg it on.”

So does calling attention to the injustice of arresting a 14-year-old Muslim student for building a clock and bring it to show his school science teacher. “The police made a mistake, clearly,” but why should the president or anyone else care? Redressing such injustices merely “encourages victimhood.”

But wait until someone criticizes Bristol or anyone else in Clan Palin. Then they go on TV and social media, whine about how persecuted they are, and beg their followers for more money. They’ve made a career of victimhood and wingnut welfare … but the rest of us should suffer in silence.

Or maybe Bristol is just an idiot.


Photo Credit: Raymond McCrea Jones (CNN)


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