My camper is a 2004 model and things are starting to wear out and break down. I lost power on Friday and noticed the the plug from the camper to the electrical post was a bit fried. I was rescued by two guys that were camping with their families. (More)

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I unplugged the main connection and one of the prongs fell out of the plug unto the ground. I went into town sure that I at least needed a new plug. NAPA and the first hardware store did not have one. Second hardware store did although not the larger model with a handle like the fried one.

I wasn’t sure how to use my voltmeter in a three pronged plug so the nice man at NAPA walked me throught the process. He apologized for not having the plug I needed. I told him he had given me confidence which was priceless.

The two guys stopped to buy firewood. They were here because they had a wedding on Saturday night at Camp du Nord. I half jokingly asked if either of them was an electrician. One said yes he was in charge of maintenance at work. They both had that eager look some people get when there is a problem to be solved. I took them to the electrical post and showed them the dead plug. When the electrician unscrewed the cover it was black and charred inside. “Oh Sh!t” came out of my mouth. “This is way bad.”

Electrical guy says, “Hey, not really. Plugs get old. Maybe some moisture got inside over the years. It’s no big deal.”

I wonder out loud why I didn’t have a big fire. The other guy, a volunteer fireman says, “It was your lucky day and probably the way this was designed with so much insulation, you were safe.”

I had started the generator and everything electrical inside worked fine.

Electrical guy has a fancy Leatherman tool out and is putting on the new plug. Fireman guy uses my voltmeter and there is power to the post. He shows me how to use it so I can cope if I’m on my own.

We stand by the post chatting and I entertain them with outrageous camper stories. They particularly like the group of drunken fishermen shooting a spud gun out over the lake only to be greeted by the county sheriff. Electrical guy says, “What were they thinking?” Fireman guy says, “They were drinking, not thinking.”

This whole process takes about an hour. I gave them free firewood since they wouldn’t accept any money. Everything has been working just fine and I am feeling so lucky that it was these two guys and not the spud gun warriors that came to my rescue. The phrase “Coincidence is God’s way of being anonymous” comes to mind.