There are t-shirts and postcards describing the mosquito as Minnesota’s State Bird. Actually that honor goes to the Common Loon but the mosquitoes are still big and aggressive. (More)

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All I have to do is step outside without bug spray or being fully covered in thick clothing and I have the buggers biting me. The worst times of day are early morning or around sunset. Dusk is when my campers seem to stop by either to buy firewood or get directions to someplace.

Here’s a question I have been pondering:

What is the worst place for a mosquito bite?

Is it on your big toe right where it meets the next toe and makes sandals or flip flops totally uncomfortable?

Is it on any knuckle because it is darn hard to scratch a knuckle to get any relief?

Is on the eyelid where it is hard to scratch and hard to apply cortisone cream? Also having one eye almost swollen shut makes reading hard.

Is it on your earlobe? That’s a hard place to scratch and it bleeds easily. I’ve never had one bite on the way into my ear but I know I wouldn’t like that one bit.

My grandson got one on his nipple and he thought it was funny, like maybe he was getting boobies.

I do pretty well with the anti-itch creams during the day but if the bite is anyplace I can easily reach while I’m sleeping, I’ll scratch it in my sleep until I bleed.

The worst place to get a mosquito bite is wherever the red bumps are today. Tomorrow I’ll have a new worst place. There is not a good place.