Donald Trump is surging in the polls because his rage mirrors the conservative id. And a black woman is dead in Texas because she was jailed for a traffic violation. (More)

“An expression of the angst of conservatives”

Nuclear non-proliferation experts like Jeffrey Lewis are thrilled with the Iran deal, but conservatives are seething. The National Review’s David French calls the deal “dishonorable,” and Commentary’s Abe Greenwald says President Obama’s real goals were to constrain Israel, empower Iran, and cement a legacy and vision of the U.S. as a “less imposing power” that frames “diplomacy as a great American good in itself.” Powerline’s John Hinderaker seethes that reporters didn’t pummel the president harder in yesterday’s press conference, and Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL) howled “This agreement condemns the next generation to cleaning up a nuclear war in the Persian Gulf,” adding “tens of thousands of people in the Middle East are gonna lose their lives because of this decision by Barack Hussein Obama.”

It’s not just Iran. House Republicans blamed President Obama for the murder of Kathryn Steinle, as does former Bush speechwriter Marc Thiessen who said the president won’t discuss the case because “his administration supports the policies that led to her death.” That case has become a conservative cause célèbre, largely because Donald Trump has sensationalized her murder as proof of his anti-immigrant vitriol.

And at Politico Magazine, Keith Koffler blames President Obama for Trump’s rise to the top of the GOP WHannabes:

Trump, who seems perpetually angry, is an expression of the angst of conservatives who believe the United States has gotten so deep into a mess that a little extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. What they adore about Trump is that he is a pugilist who has emerged at a time when someone needs to start throwing punches.

His blunt promise to stop illegal immigration touches on perhaps the conservatives’ deepest concern of all: that their culture and the Constitutional order are disintegrating with such rapidity that they hardly recognize the country they are living in. There is a sense of desperation that is fueling support for a proven achiever and fearless confrontationalist like Trump.

Koffler insists that’s not about racism, yet he writes:

America is, as President Barack Obama and his “immigration reform” allies like to say, a land of immigrants. But it is not a land of endless immigration from one culture that is different than ours and in many ways far less successful. Most immigrants from Mexico, no doubt, are good, hardworking people seeking a chance to better their circumstance in America. But they are not Americans. And in the numbers they are coming, the serious concern is that they are not easily assimilated.

Other cultures are supposed to augment ours, not replace it.

As Koffler explains it, Trump mirrors (white) conservatives’ fear of being “replac[ed]” – rather than merely “augment[ed]” – by a “culture that is different from ours and in many ways far less successful.” But they’re “not racists,” Koffler insists. Of course not.


“A tragic incident”

Last Friday, 28-year-old businesswoman Sandra Bland was in Texas for a job interview at her alma mater, Prairie View A&M University when deputies pulled her over for improperly signaling a lane change. Waller County Sheriff Glenn Smith said she was “combative on the side of the road,” although a video and witness testimony disputes that claim. Regardless, she was arrested for “assault of a public servant” and booked into the Waller County Jail, where she was found hanged on Monday morning. The autopsy called it a suicide, but her family and friends say she was not depressed and she had posted Facebook videos condemning police violence and supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. The case has been turned over to the Texas Rangers for investigation.

Maybe they’ll find evidence of homicide. Or maybe they’ll be left with the medical examiner’s conclusion of suicide, what Sheriff Smith called “a tragic incident.” Or maybe they’ll look beyond what happened on Monday morning at the jail to what happened Friday on the street, and ask if deputies really had cause to arrest and jail her … or if this was another case of police overreacting to black skin.


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