And yes there is a story, context if you will, behind the title. (More)

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I am a campground host at the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) Wilderness in northern Minnesota. Part of my job is posting the reservations and answering camper questions. I pass on information about where the fish are biting. I help rookies set up their tents. I loan out my flower presses and wildflower book. I rent the canoe. I make sure there is toilet paper and clean bathrooms. I also mow and/or weed whip the grounds.

I killed my lawnmower last week. I hit a rock. The clunk was followed by a screech and silence. The mower would not start again. One burly male camper thought perhaps I was too weak to really pull the starter cord. He took over. He couldn’t budge it either. I told him I had hit a rock. He nodded as if that explained everything.

Some years I had to ask ahead for the weed whip. There was only one for three campgrounds. The edges of the road, the hiking trail and some of the campsites are much easier with a weed whip. This is a rocky place. Last year we had two weed whips. This spring mine did not start and was taken away for work. The other one didn’t work either.

One of the other campgrounds has a very nice, large pavilion. It was built in the 1930’s as a CCC project and restored with stimulus funds. It is a popular place for events like weddings and funerals. There was a funeral there over the weekend. They wanted the grounds to be especially well tended for this event.

Hence the title, “I can’t have my weed whip until after the funeral.” Without the backstory I sound about as clueless as Mitt Romney talking about the trees all being the right height. At least I have a story.