I wish Ms. Jenner nothing but the best in her transition. I imagine that celebrity and money make her transition both easier and more difficult.(More)

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I do have an issue with the Annie Leibowitz cover photo for Vanity Fair. For me the message is all about glamor and I think it objectifies Jenner in particular and women in general. I wonder what the impact is on everyday Americans trying to come to some sort of understanding of what it means to be transgender?

First I think that most women and probably men too could be made glamorous or handsome with the aid of hair stylists, make-up artists, surgeons and wardrobe specialists. Most of us will not have those resources or Annie taking our photos. I understand that Jenner’s reveal was carefully staged and good for her.

Think of this test for yourself. Say you are out running errands and find yourself at the grocery store. Are you camera ready? Are you put together? Are you well dressed and if you’re a woman is your hair and make up looking good? If you’re a man who shaves, did you or do you have scruff on your face? I don’t know about you but I occasionally run errands without much thought at all about what I look like. Since I live outside a canoe-camping town there are lots of people who look like they just came out of the wilderness. No matter what I look like, someone looks better and someone looks worse than me.

Now imagine that at your local grocery store you meet a transgender female. Because of Ms. Jenner you are more aware of people who are transitioning to female. The fellow shopper you observe is clean and neat but looks nothing like Caitlyn. Maybe the woman you observe has a 5 o’clock shadow. What goes through your mind? Do you nod or say hello or do you avert your eyes?

There are a lot more transgender people without the financial resources to change their looks the way Ms. Jenner has done. Gender identity is not about how much surgery you can afford or whether you have professional stylists to make you look glamorous. We need to look past the glamor shot and learn how to accept people for the beauty that is inside them and not just expect every new woman to be a femme fatale.