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A solar eclipse predicted by Thales interrupted the Battle of Halys, establishing one of ancient history’s cardinal dates, today (585 BCE). Also, the first ships of the Spanish Armada left Lisbon (1588), at least 78 and as many as 2000 civilians and Parliamentarian troops were killed as Royalist troops stormed Bolton during the English Civil War (1644), Virginia militia under 22-year-old George Washington defeated a French reconnaissance party in the Battle of Jumonville Glen, the first engagement of the French and Indian War (1754), President Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act (1830), the Paris Commune fell (1871), John Muir organized the Sierra Club (1892), Paris’ Gare d’Orsay rail station opened (1900), the first Isle of Man Tourist Trophy motorcycle race was held (1907), a coup d’รฉtat ended the Portuguese First Republic and installed the Ditadura Nacional that would become the fascist Estado Novo and rule for 48 years (1926), the Netherlands’ Afsluitdijk was completed, turning the Zuiderzee into the freshwater IJsselmeer (1932), Oliva Dionne gave birth to the first quintuplets known to survive infancy (1934), Alan Turing submitted On Computable Numbers for publication (1936), President Franklin Roosevelt opened the Golden Gate Bridge to vehicle traffic, on the same day Volkswagen was founded (1937), the BBC Light radio comedy Crazy People, later The Goon Show, debuted with Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers, Harry Secombe, and Michael Bentine (1951), women in Greece were guaranteed the right to vote (1952), several international newspapers published Peter Benenson’s The Forgotten Prisoners, considered the founding of Amnesty International (1961), the Palestine Liberation Organization was formed (1964), the Treaty of Lagos created the Economic Community of West African States (1975), 165 people died as a fire swept through the Beverly Hills Supper Club in Southgate, Kentucky (1977), 19-year-old West German pilot Mathais Rust landed a private plane in Moscow’s Red Square (1987), the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front captured the capital city of Addis Ababa, ending the 16-year Ethiopian Civil War (1991), 1989 people died when a magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck Neftegorsk, Russia (1995), Pakistan conducted five underground nuclear weapons tests codenamed Chagai-I, now celebrated as the national holiday Youm-e-Takbir (1998), Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper returned to display after 22 years of restoration (1999), the Mars Odyssey found evidence of large ice deposits on Mars (2002), Australian Governor-General Peter Hollingworth resigned amidst criticism that he mishandled allegations of sexual abuse by Anglican priests while he was Archbishop of Brisbane (2003), the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly of Nepal declared their nation a republic, ending the 240-year Shah Dynasty (2008), 141 people died when the Jnaneswari Express derailed in West Midnapore, India (2010), and 53% of Maltese voters approved a referendum to allow divorce (2011). And several sources including the CrySyS lab at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics revealed the Flame malware, jointly developed by the NSA, CIA, and Israeli intelligence to attack computer systems in Iran and other Middle East nations (2012).


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