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George Boleyn was executed and his sister Anne’s marriage to Henry VIII was annulled, today (1536). Also, Paul de Chomedey founded the Ville Marie de Montréal, now simply Montréal, Canada (1642), Louis Joliet and Jacques Marquette began exploring the Mississippi River (1673), the Continental Congress banned trade with Quebec (1775), the New York Stock Exchange was formed (1792), Muhammad Ali Pasha became the Ottoman Wāli or governor of Egypt, founding a dynasty that would establish and govern modern Egypt for 147 years (1805), the Constituent Assembly adopted the Constitution of Norway and elected Christian Frederick as their king, although he would abdicate within the year and later become King Christian I of Denmark (1814), Thomas Targee became the first U.S. firefighter to die in the line of duty as a fire devastated St. Louis, Missouri (1849), Rosalía de Castro published the first book in the Galician language, Cantares Gallegos (1863), the International Telegraph Union, now the United Nations’ International Telecommunication Union, was founded in Paris (1865), Aristides won the first Kentucky Derby (1875), Valerios Stais found the Antikythera Mechanism, a mechanical computer for stellar measurement that dates to the first century BCE (1902), a baseball game between the Columbia Lions and the Princeton Tigers was the first televised sporting event (1939), the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the ‘separate but equal’ doctrine of racial segregation public schools, in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas (1954), the Soviet Venera 6 probe sent data from the atmosphere of Venus before being crushed by the pressure (1969), Thor Heyerdahl set sail from Morocco aboard the Ra II (1970), the U.S. Senate began televised hearings on the Watergate Scandal (1973), 33 people were killed as four car bombs exploded in Dublin and Monaghan, the deadliest terrorist attack in the Republic of Ireland’s history, on the same day 6 people were killed when the Los Angeles police raided the headquarters of the Symbionese Liberation Army (1974), Chun Doo-hwan seized power and declared martial law in a coup d’état in South Korea, on the same day Peru’s 34-year internal conflict began with the burning of ballot boxes on the eve of presidential elections (1980), the Department of Energy declassified records of the world’s largest mercury pollution event in Oak Ridge, Tennessee (1983), 37 U.S. sailors were killed as an Iraqi jet fired two missiles at the USS Stark (1987), the General Assembly of the World Health Organization struck homosexuality from their list of psychiatric diseases (1990), Malawi held their first multi-party elections (1994), Massachusetts performed the first legal same-sex weddings in the U.S. (2004), trains from North and South Korea crossed the 38th Parallel for the first time in 54 years (2007), and 72 people were injured when two trains collided in Fairfield, Connecticut (2013). And 16 people died when a Laotian Air Force jet crashed near Baan Nadi, Laos (2014).


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