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The Moorish Conquest began when troops led by Tariq ibn-Ziyad landed at Gibraltar, today (711). Also, Joan of Arc arrived to relieve the Siege of Orleans (1429), James Cook entered and named Botany Bay (1770), French mathematician and anti-monarchist Évariste Galois was released from prison (1832), Maryland’s House of Delegates voted not to secede from the Union (1861), Ernst Werner von Siemens tested his Elektromote, the forerunner of the trolleybus (1882), at least 70 people died when a landslide buried the mining town of Frank in Canada’s Northwest Territories (1903), the British Parliament passed the landmark People’s Budget (1910), the International Military Tribunal for the Far East indicted former Prime Minister Hideki Tojo and 28 other Japanese leaders for war crimes (1946), Los Angeles’ KECA-TV used an experimental version of 3D-TV to broadcast an episode of Space Patrol (1953), Muhammad Ali was stripped of his boxing title after declaring himself a conscientious objector and refusing to serve in the U.S. Army (1967), Hair opened on Broadway (1968), President Richard Nixon released edited versions of White House tapes relating to the Watergate Scandal (1974), 400,000 books and other items were lost when a fire swept through the Los Angeles Public Library (1986), 138,866 people died when a category 5 cyclone struck Bangladesh (1991), the acquittals of police officers charged in the Rodney King beating set off three days of rioting in Los Angeles (1992), the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention took effect (1997), NATO bombers destroyed the Avala TV Tower near Belgrade (1999), President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney gave secret testimony to the 9/11 Commission, on the same day Oldsmobile produced their last automobile (2004), and Prince William married Kate Middleton (2011). And 43 people died when a natural gas leak exploded in a townhouse in Prague (2013).


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