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This week I had several conversations about Hillary Clinton. These were Fred Whispering chats in retail shops, and one with a neighbor who was walking his dog as I went out to return our trash bin to the garage. They all knew she was running for president and talked about their impressions of her. Mostly they remembered her as Secretary of State and as First Lady. Two talked about her run for the Democratic nomination in 2008, about Chelsea as a daughter, and Hillary as a grandmother. (They were clearly fans.) Only one person strongly opposed her, saying he didn’t want another Clinton or Bush. A couple said they wouldn’t make up their minds until they knew the GOP nominee. And despite the media hype, no one brought up the Clinton Foundation or Benghazi.

A half-dozen or so people is a tiny sample, but the responses fit the polls I’ve seen. Hillary Clinton is already well-known and her approval ratings, while down from their peak while she was Secretary of State, have hovered around 47% for the past six months. I don’t think these ‘scandals’ will take her down. To beat her, Republicans will have to field a candidate who can appeal to more people … and that’s a big ask.