This is not about how to get your whites whiter or any advice for the laundry obsessed. This is just some of my observations. (More)

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Some people do laundry everyday. They wash it, fold it and put it away. I half admire them but I am not one of them. I did laundry more frequently when I had little kids but now, not so much.

I had one friend who would buy new clothes before he would think of going to the laundromat. When he went, maybe twice in a summer, he moaned and groaned for a couple of weeks before he finally hit the laundromat. It usually took a couple of weeks of rain before he finally made it. He had almost every t-shirt sold in the small town outside of which we both worked.

If I check all the pockets on my clothes as I put them into the washer, the one I missed will have a Kleenex. Every. Single. Time.

Matching up socks is so yesterday. My 8-year-old granddaughter and her friends wear multicolored unmatched socks as a fashion statement. If we all embraced this trend, imagine how much time we would save. The basket of unpaired socks becomes a treasure trove of fashion statements waiting to be made.

If you do wash for someone else and they put their dirty clothes in the basket inside out, do you turn them right side out before you fold them? Is it an act of love to turn them right side out or do you mutter under your breath as you turn them?

Over the years I have lived with some laundry folders who are perfectionists. They laid out the t-shirts, smoothed them and folded them in thirds lengthwise with great attention to the sleeves. Then they folded the bottom up and the top down. Not all the super folders had a military background. I am an air folder.

I can remember the metal expandable frames we stuck in jeans to give them a crease. That phase passed for me when I went to college. I haven’t seen those for years and I wonder why they never made a comeback. Maybe if people are paying extra for jeans that come torn and ripped, creases don’t matter.

I am moving to my summer home up in the north woods on Thursday. I am trying to leave with all clean clothes.