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The Edict of Amboise ended the first phase of the French Wars of Religion and granted limited religious freedom to the Huguenots today (1563). Also, England’s House of Commons abolished the House of Lords two months after the execution of Charles I, but the Lords did not assent and the act was declared invalid upon the restoration of the monarchy 11 years later (1648), Canada’s North-West Rebellion began when Louis Riel declares a Provisional Government in Saskatchewan (1885), Auguste and Louis Lumière filmed their first footage on their cinematograph (1895), Congress established time zones and approved daylight savings time (1918), Nevada legalized gambling (1931), the Sydney Harbour Bridge opened (1932), the 99th Pursuit Squadron, better known as the Tuskegee Airmen, was activated (1941), French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, and Réunion become overseas départements of France (1946), Willie Mosconi pocketed a record 526 consecutive balls in a straight pool exhibition at Springfield, Ohio’s East High Billiard Club (1954), 24 workers died as a fire swept through the Monarch Underwear Company in New York City (1958), Bob Dylan released his first album (1962), 16-year-old E. Lee Spence found the wreckage of the SS Georgiana, 102 years to the day after the Confederate cruiser was sunk on her maiden voyage (1965), Texas Western, now the University of Texas at El Paso, became the first team to win the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship with an all-black starting lineup (1966), ice collapsed the 1263-foot TV mast at Emley Moor, England (1969), C-SPAN began broadcasting the daily business of the U.S. House (1979), Argentinian troops landed on the Falkland Islands, triggering war with Britain (1982), a sex scandal forced televangelist Jim Bakker to resign as head of The PTL Club (1987), the British Commonwealth suspended Zimbabwe, citing human rights abuses and election fraud (2002), 24 people died when a bus struck a tractor-trailer in Äänekoski, Finland, on the same day Taiwanese President Chen Shui-bian and Vice President Annette Lu were wounded by a would-be assassin while campaigning on the eve of their national election (2004), and the Swift satellite detected Gamma Ray Burst 080319B, the farthest object ever visible to the naked eye (2008). And the French Air Force’s Opération Harmattan began the NATO intervention in the Libyan Civil War (2011).


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