“Do I really need green underwear?” Fiona asked.

Gail winked. “You never know. Erin might be there.” (More)

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Welcome back to Tuesday’s Tale, a weekly feature where we collaborate to write a story. Previous Tuesday’s Tales include Monotony, Inc. and Coffeenated. We follow the basic rules of the “Yes, And” improvisational game – accept everything written so far as part of the story, and add your own paragraph (or so) where the last addition left off – except you needn’t begin your addition with “Yes, and.” I’ll start the story….


Fiona smiled and then sighed. “You really think she’ll be there?”

“It’s the company St. Patrick’s Day party,” Gail said, “and she’s as Irish as they come.”

“The bigger question,” Hannah mused, “is whether she’s … you know….”

Gail shrugged. “She sure kissed me at last year’s party.”

“Your t-shirt said ‘Kiss Me, I’m Irish!,'” Hannah said. “Everyone kissed you.”

“That’s not true,” Gail said, shaking her head and as she handed Fiona a green silk blouse. “I didn’t let James from shipping kiss me. Well, not for another week.”

“Virtue, thy name is Gail,” Fiona said as she buttoned the blouse.

Hannah covered her mouth to keep herself from spewing green tea. “Um, yeah.”

“I have virtues,” Gail harrumphed. “Just not those. This skirt will be perfect.”

“It’s certainly green,” Fiona agreed.

“And short,” Hannah added.


Have fun!