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Ferdinand Magellan reached the Philippines today (1521). Also, England’s Long Parliament was dissolved to prepare for the Convention Parliament (1660), Sweden’s Gustav III was mortally wounded by an assassin (1792), William I became the Netherlands’ first constitutional monarch (1815), Edward Clark replaced Sam Houston, who had refused to swear loyalty to the Confederacy, as Governor of Texas (1861), the Wanderers F.C. defeated Royal Engineers A.F.C. 1-0 to win England’s first Football Association Cup (1872), archeologist Arthur Evans bought the land around the ruins of Knossos on Crete (1900), Robert Goddard launched the first liquid-fuel rocket (1926), 69 people died as melting snow and ice on the upper Allegheny and Monongahela flooded Pittsburgh (1936), the Ford Motor Company produced its 50 millionth car (1958), 107 people were presumed dead after Flying Tiger Line Flight 739 vanished in the western Pacific Ocean (1962), General Motors produced its 100 millionth car, on the same day U.S. troops murdered at least 347 Vietnamese civilians at My Lai (1968), British Prime Minister Harold Wilson resigned (1976), former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro was kidnapped, on the same day the Amoco Cadiz ran aground on the Portsall Rocks and spilled 1.6 million barrels of oil off the coast of Brittany (1978), CIA station chief William Buckley was kidnapped in Beirut (1984), as was AP reporter Terry Anderson (1985), Oliver North and John Poindexter were indicted on fraud charges in the Iran-Contra Scandal, on the same day 5000 people were killed when Saddam Hussein ordered a poison gas attack on the Kurdish town of Halabjah (1988), Mississippi formally ratified the Thirteenth Amendment, which had abolished slavery in the U.S. 130 years before (1995), 23-year-old peace activist Rachel Corrie was crushed by an Israeli bulldozer while protesting the destruction of a Palestinian home in the Gaza Strip (2003), and Israel formally turned over control of Jericho to the Palestinian Authority (2005). And in a controversial referendum, Crimeans voted to secede from Ukraine and join Russia (2014).


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