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The Prophet Muhammad gave his Farewell Sermon today (632). Also, the Annals of Quedlinburg recorded the first known mention of Lithuania (1009), Rudolf I granted Imperial Free City status to Augsburg (1276), Pedro Álvares Cabral and his fleet left Lisbon for the Indies, but would instead colonize Brazil (1500), Voltaire convinced a Paris court to posthumously exonerate Jean Calas, who had been executed for the death of his son three years earlier, though the death was likely a suicide (1765), Napoléon Bonaparte married Joséphine de Beauharnais (1796), the U.S. Supreme Court held in U.S. v. The Amistad that captives on the slave vessel were entitled to mutiny because they had been seized illegally (1841), Giuseppe Verdi’s Nabucco premiered, on the same day Francisco Lopez made the first recorded find of gold in California, at Rancho San Francisco (1842), the USS Monitor and CSS Virginia fought to a stalemate at Hampton Roads in the first clash between ironclad warships (1862), Internazionale Milan Football Club was founded (1908), 15,000 miners represented by the United Mine Workers began the Westmoreland County Coal Strike (1910), Pancho Villa led 500 raiders in an attack on Columbus, New Mexico (1916), President Franklin Roosevelt sent the Emergency Banking Act to Congress (1933), 33 soccer fans died as a fire broke out at the Bolton Wanderers’ Burnden Park stadium (1946), CBS broadcast “A Report on Senator Joseph McCarthy” on Fred Friendly and Edward Murrow’s See It Now (1954), although no lives were lost, the magnitude 8.6 Andreanof Islands earthquake in the Aleutians triggered a tsunami that devastated two villages in Hawaii (1957), Barbie debuted at the American International Toy Fair (1959), 42 people died when an aerial tramway cable snapped near the Italian ski resort of Cavalese (1976), 12 Hanafi gunmen seized the city hall, B’nai B’rith headquarters, and the Islamic Center in Washington D.C., beginning a 39-hour siege that would leave 2 dead (1977), Eastern Airlines filed for bankruptcy (1989), tens of thousands protested against Yugoslavian President Slobodan Milošević in Belgrade (1991), an eclipse allowed observers in China, Mongolia and eastern Siberia to see the Comet Hale-Bopp during the daytime (1997), and the Space Shuttle Discovery landed after her 39th and final mission (2011). And the final episode of Waterloo Road was aired on BBC Three, 9 years to the day after the series premiered (2015).


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