The Mall of America is our country’s largest shopping mall. A recent terrorist video mentioned it by name as a possible target. A wide range of reactions have occurred. (More)

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The Mall of America or MOA opened in 1992. Shoppers from around the US and many foreign countries view it as a shopping destination. In addition to retail stores, entertainment and special events, MOA has its own security force.

Mall of America Security: State-of-the-art technology, along with a well-trained security staff recognized world-wide, allow the mall to provide a safe, secure environment for its guests.

Bloomington Patrol Office: Bloomington police officers work hand in hand with retailers to prevent retail crime and offer expanded services to Mall of America guests with an on-site substation.

Senator Amy Klobuchar addressed MOA with regard to a pending shut down of Homeland Security;

“At a time when terrorist groups like al-Shabaab are calling for attacks on the Mall of America, it’s unfathomable that we’re now just four days away from a shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security,” Klobuchar said. “With the clock ticking, we cannot afford to play politics with our national security and withhold vital funding that helps keep our country safe. We need to act immediately and pass a straightforward bill that will ensure DHS has the resources it needs to protect communities in Minnesota and across the country.”

Members of the Somali community took the light rail to MOA to eat lunch. They took along a reporter and wanted to go on record as supporting MOA and standing against terrorism.

And then, lest you think Minnesotans are all ‘nice’ and sane, Republican Rep. Tony Cornish wants MOA to take down the signs banning guns on the premises. If you want to really know how not ‘nice’ and seemingly insane some Minnesotans are, just read the comments. If you’re having a good day, you might want to skip the comments.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson talked about the ramped up security as well and advised shoppers to remain vigilant.

A range of reactions to this threat from al-Shabab have occurred. It is a study in the best and worst of human nature. It is also a great reminder that government does perform some essential tasks and playing politics with funding DHS is stupid.