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Empress Wu Zetian abdicated, restoring China’s Tang Dynasty today (705). Also, Galileo’s Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems was published (1632), 15,000 people died as the St. Peter’s Flood struck Germany (1651), France attempted the Last Invasion of Britain (1797), with the signing of the Adams-Onis Treaty, Spain sold Florida to the U.S. for $5 million (1819), the European Revolutions spread to France with the start of the February Revolution that would establish the Second Republic (1848), Washington University of St. Louis was founded as Eliot Seminary (1853), as was Pennsylvania State University as the Farmers’ High School of Pennsylvania (1855), the Republican Party opened its first national meeting (1856), the Prohibition Party held their first national convention (1872), Frank Woolworth opened his first five-and-dime store (1879), President Grover Cleveland signed a bill admitting North and South Dakota, Montana, and Washington as states, although their statehood would not be official until November (1889), the USS Connecticut led the Great White Fleet back into port after their round-the-world journey (1909), Calvin Coolidge became the first President to deliver a radio address from the White House (1924), Egypt and Syria joined to form the short-lived United Arab Republic (1958), Lee Petty won the first Daytona 500 (1959), Saint Lucia gained independence (1979), the U.S. Men’s Olympic hockey team defeated the Soviet Union 4-3 in the “Miracle on Ice” (1980), the Moose Murders opened and closed on the same night at Broadway’s Eugene O’Neill Theatre (1983), the Philippines’ People Power Revolution began (1986), CIA analyst Aldrich Ames was arrested for espionage (1994), scientists announced the cloning of Dolly the Sheep (1997), six men stole £53 million from a Securitas depot in Tonbridge, Kent, the largest robbery in British history (2006), 185 people died as a magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck Christchurch, New Zealand, on the same day an estimated 100,000 Bahrainis took to the streets in the peaceful March of Loyalty to Martyrs (2011), and 51 people died when a train crashed at the Estación Once de Septiembre in Buenos Aires, Argentina (2012). And the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada voted 328-0 to impeach President Viktor Yanukovych, one of the major goals of the Euromaidan Protests (2014).


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