Should intent matter if someone is offended by what you say? Should privilege be part of the answer? And should Squirrel Standard Time include a p.m.? (More)

In Squirrel Standard Time, p.m. would of course be “pre-macadamias.” And that’s when I fell into the vortex. Or jumped in and didn’t swim out. Or whatever. Anyway, it’s all my fault…..

Pretend you’re a white male, apparently British, and you say this:

To which I offensively reply:

You are, of course, innocently flummoxed:

But I belligerently press on:

Because surely I’ve misunderstood you …

… or worse:

Even if you later admit that you meant college women of color …

… it was presumptuous of me to deduce that from the context of a discussion about campus speech:

But I savagely press my case, citing statutes that define “juvenile” …

Because obviously “juvenile” means something else:

Even if that doesn’t really help you:

Because there are social conventions that must be respected:

So let’s recap. It doesn’t matter that, for example, the AP Style Guide says news stories should refer to college athletes as “men” and “women.” It doesn’t even matter of college women of color are offended. All that matters is your intent:

But I am nothing if not aggressive:

You reasonably explain why I haven’t proven my right to be offended…

… but I am an insufferable SJW (social justice warrior):

Because clearly you have no reason to apologize:

Obviously I’m too stupid to understand:

As you patiently explain:

So there ya go, college women of color. When a white man calls you “black girls,” he’s not infantilizing you. He’s respecting you. Because you’re still “juveniles” – or other black females are and you can’t prove he didn’t mean them even if he later says he meant you – so he’s just using “correct English.”

If you take offense at that, well, that’s “not helpful,” because it may alienate white men. And that’s what really matters.

All of that happened in the p.m. And now I need breakfast….


Good day and good nuts.