Sometimes the discussions of our need for each other are meta and abstract. Other times we need each other in very practical and even mundane ways. (More)

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My sister just had a mole removed from her back. Her post removal instructions were to put a dab of vaseline on it and cover it with a band-aid. The mole was simply itchy and in a spot that was irritated by straps and not a cancer scare. As I applied the vaseline and the band-aid I told her, “I’ve got your back.”

She laughed and wondered what she would do if on her own because that spot was clearly not a place a person could reach themselves.

At my summer gig as a camp host I have had the same problem with wood ticks. Although I am covered with clothing and a hat, occasionally a tick will take up residence on me. I have gotten them on my back before. If I know another staffer is due that day I may wait for their help. If not, I have walked the campground looking for assistance. I have no idea what my process is, but some people just look more willing and able to help than others. So far I have been lucky and nice campers have taken my tweezers and removed the tick. The more diligent among them show me the tick with its head attached to reassure me that they got the whole thing.

Tick removal is a service I provide for campers too so in the grand scheme, we all have each other’s backs. It makes me feel sorry for the “you’re on your own” crowd. The local urgent care nurses say they get a couple of tick removal cases a week and wonder, “Don’t these people have any friends?”