I babysat Saturday night for my three grandchildren: an eight-year-old girl, a six-year-old boy, and an almost four-year-old girl. I love how the unexpected just happens around kids.(More)

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I had brought my sewing machine and some orange fleece to make sweat pants. I also brought some fleece scraps for them to play with. Cutting and pinning together scraps is a fun past time. The next day their parents were becoming godparents for baby Talia. Her two older brothers are the same age as my two oldest grandkids. My six-year-old grandson decided he was making a blanket for the new baby. It would definitely be one of a kind.

My oldest granddaughter was into making a blanket for herself. Her brother was trying to get her to share. His logic was interesting.

Grandson started with this, “Would you share with Jesus? I hope so. JJ and I have Jesus in us so if you would share with Jesus you should share with us.”

Older sister, “What are you talking about?”

Grandson, “I want you to share your blanket with me. Jesus would share with me.”

Older sister replies, “I’ll think about it.” She is not moved.

Later on I have a larger scrap…maybe 30″ by 60″ that is extra as all the pants have been made. My grandson had asked for any leftovers. The youngest is just into the pins at this point and doesn’t even feel left out of the fabric negotiations. She might fight for the purple headed pins but not for more fabric.

I take the new big scrap over to my grandson and ask him if he could share with his little sister who just has very small scraps. He looks up thoughtfully. As he is considering his response his older sister quips, “What about sharing and Jesus now, huh?”

He is nonplussed. After a couple minutes of pondering the trap he has set for himself, he comes up with this. “Nana, could you cut that piece in half and give half to JJ and half to me?” He smiles. He is pretty happy with this solution.

Later I ask my son about the “Jesus argument” for sharing. His response, “Who knows. Clearly that one has his own drummer.” Grandson has not tried the theological argument on his parents as of yet.