My eight and a half year old granddaughter now has her own library card. She is so proud of that! (More)

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I was with my son and his family over the weekend. My oldest granddaughter said to me, “Nana guess what I got?”

I said, “I have no idea you’d better tell me.”

She went over to a canvas book bag and took out a library card with her name on it. She was so tickled!

“See,” she said. “I have my very own library card with my name.”

“The library for me was like a passport to the world,” I told her. We talked about the feel and the smell of books that we liked.

I remember biking to the local library as a kid and putting my library books in the basket on the front of my bike. I felt like the whole world was open to me in all those books I could read. My granddaughter’s library is a bit far for a bike ride just yet but I could see the same glow of anticipation in her face.

My grandkids have access to computers and iPads and limits on “screen time.” It warmed my heart that books still were so special for her. I listened as she described the one she was currently reading. She read one of her favorite passages to me with great expression.

I felt more hope about the next generation than I have watching the news. As long as we have readers coming up, we might be just fine.