I have been pondering feeling secure in cyber-space. The gifts of technology gave me the curse of doubt when I moved to a paperless world. (More)

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I have some personal experience. When I arrived home from South Africa some years ago my bank called to inquire if I had charged $150,000 to buy land there. My credit limit was no where near that amount. The bank stopped payment and sent me a new card. I shopped at both Target and Home Depot after their breaches without incident yet. I have never lost or left my credit cards(s).

Last week my son had his card declined. Someone in Louisiana had charged $.78 on his card. Apparently that is how thieves test the card. Bank sent him a new card.

My son’s wife had her van broken into and her purse stolen. She reported it as soon as she could find a phone. Her phone had been stolen too. In the intervening hour these thieves had charged lots of gas. More new credit cards. Same thing happened to my youngest son.

The Sony hack and the hacking internationally have me pondering the convenience of having my finances all electronic. It’s not like I would be a juicy target but it’s also not like I have a cushion. For sure I don’t have any off-shore accounts that I could get money from.

I read that criminals can use your fingerprint from a photo. So much for advances in technology being ahead of the criminals.

Merriam Webster has some definitions for security. Here is a partial list:

the quality or state of being secure: as
a : freedom from danger : safety
b : freedom from fear or anxiety
c : freedom from the prospect of being laid off

Looking at the definition, especially “fear or anxiety” makes me think that cyber security is a silly wish to even entertain. Maybe I should give up on ‘security’ and aim for vigilance. I get text notifications from my bank whenever I use my credit card. It minimizes anxiety which is kind of an unanchored free-floating feeling. The texts are real. Intellectually I know that worrying about this is a waste of time. Emotionally I need to have a talk with myself occasionally to stay grounded.