My grandson is six. His dad and younger sister attended his kindergarten class for a gingerbread house making session. Here is what happened.(More)

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The kindergarteners and their guests were each given a small milk carton on which to build their gingerbread house. Graham crackers, frosting and an assortment of candies and little marshmallows were in the center of each table for decorating.

According to my son, the teacher started out asking the kids to wait to eat any candy until their house was done. That instruction changed to “one for the house, one for you” and even that wasn’t really complied with.

This kind of building task is right up my grandson’s alley. He loves puzzles, legos and building anything. Towards the end of the session my son looked over at his son’s house and noticed a trail of mini-marshmallows leading away from the house. He asked his son what that line was and got this answer, “It’s the sewer. The poop has to go somewhere.”

The almost 4 year old little sister said, “This is a pretend house. There is no poop.” To which her brother replied, “Well pretend hoses can have pretend poop.”

Need I say that his house was the only one with a sewer?