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This week I attended my local Democratic Party steering committee meeting. This was my last meeting as Vice Chair of our Democratic Executive Committee, and I thanked them for the opportunity to serve in that post for the past four years. We went around the room for post-midterm responses. The consensus was that we did many things well and made a lot of progress since 2010, and we’ve built a foundation for more progress moving forward. I expressed my hope that our new officers will reach out to community groups, especially persons of color, and commit to helping with their events and programs. We can’t just show up when we want volunteers or voters. We have to show our party’s commitment to their needs.

Tonight the DEC will meet to elect new officers. Three of the four positions are unopposed, but there will be two candidates for Chair. I hope we will all support our new officers the same commitment and teamwork that I was privileged to receive for the past four years.