I am grateful for the lessons I have learned cooking for my sister who did a three week vegan cleanse. It has helped her identify some foods that were causing her problems and given me an adventure in more healthy cooking and eating. (More)

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Her cleanse at first blush sounds yoga trendy and that is not at all what happened. The first week when she was asked to bring a pot luck dish, I said, “I’ve got you covered.” I have a wild rice salad that I made up when asked to bring a dish to a pot luck in my summer home in the north woods of Minnesota.
The recipe is;

wild rice (not the long rain and wild rice but just wild rice)
celery chopped
mandarin oranges (drained but the fresh halos would work also) 1 small can
chopped walnuts
red onion chopped
Brianna blush wine vinaigrette salad dresing

I originally made this with chicken too. Since I made this up I don’t have quantities. One cup of uncooked wild rice yields 2 1/2 to 3 cups of cooked rice. Takes about 45 minutes to cook the rice. While the rice is cooking I chop stuff and drain the oranges. I’m guessing I put 1/2 cup of each of the ingredients. I use 1 chicken breast for each cup of cooked rice for the non-vegan eaters. At the class I attended one guy said, “This is great but some chicken breasts would be perfect.” He was right.

This concoction was a huge hit with her Yoga teacher training class. One of her fellow students had celiac disease diagnosed way before the class started. Jackie, a Minnesotan had never had wild rice. Wild rice is a grain and gluten free. Discovering wild rice was a gift to her. I went to one class with my sister. Although reasonably flexible, I was way out of my league. Luckily I was already known for my wild rice salad.

Jackie had asked for the recipe and I kind of gave it verbally at the class I attended. She wanted more specifics so I wrote up the recipe above and emailed it to my sister who emailed it to Jackie. Jackie has now brought this salad to a couple of other gatherings and the last yoga pot luck.

I am so grateful to have had the cooking challenges of vegan cooking mainly because my sister has a happy tummy and is gaining weight. I am grateful that Jackie can now bring a dish to non-yoga potlucks that everyone enjoys. I celebrate healthy eating and the idea that an old cook can still deliver healthy, tasty meals.