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Charlemagne heard the accusations against Pope Leo III at the Vatican, today (800). Also, the acclamation of JoΓ£o IV as King of Portugal ended the 60-year Iberian Union (1640), with no candidate having won a majority of the Electoral College, under the Twelfth Amendment the U.S. House assumed the task of choosing the next President of the United States (1824), Argentina’s Decembrist Revolution began (1828), Britain abolished slavery in the Cape Colony, now South Africa (1832), President Abraham Lincoln gave his State of the Union Address and affirmed ending slavery as a necessary goal of the Civil War (1862), Raleigh, North Carolina’s Shaw University was founded as the first historically black college in the southern U.S. (1865), a drug store in Waco, Texas served the first glasses of Dr Pepper (1885), the Buenos Aires Metro opened as Latin America’s and the southern hemisphere’s first subway, on the same day the Ford Motor Company began operating the first moving assembly line (1913), Nancy Astor became the first woman to take her seat in Britain’s House of Commons (1919), New York Mayor and Director of Civilian Defense Fiorello LaGuardia signed the order establishing the Civil Air Patrol (1941), the body of an unidentified man, killed by an unknown poison, carrying a scrap of indecipherable code was found in Adelaide, Australia, beginning the still unsolved Taman Shud Case (1948), the New York Daily News reported the sex reassignment surgery of Christine Jorgensen (1952), Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a Montgomery city bus (1955), the Central African Republic gained autonomy within the French Community, on the same day 92 children and 3 nuns died in the Our Lady of the Angels School fire in Chicago (1958), the Antarctic Treaty opened for signatures (1959), Nagaland became India’s 16th state (1963), the Swedish city of GΓ€vle erected their first Yule Goat (1966), the first draft lottery since World War II inducted troops to serve in Vietnam (1969), a total of 95 passengers and crew died in two unrelated Boeing 727 crashes, one each at Dulles and John F. Kennedy airports (1974), NASA crashed an airliner to conduct safety tests in the Controlled Impact Demonstration (1984), Benazir Bhutto was appointed Prime Minister of Pakistan (1988), the British and French sections of the Channel Tunnel met 130 feet beneath the seabed (1990), the landing of Trans World Airlines Flight 220 in St. Louis ended 76 years of TWA operations following its purchase by American Airlines (2001), and the Treaty of Lisbon took effect, amending the 1958 Rome Treaty and the 1992 Maastricht Treaty to improve the constitutional structure of the European Union (2009). And 4 people died when a a Metro-North Railroad Hudson Line passenger train derailed near the Spuyten Duyvil station in New York City, on the same day China launched Yutu (“Jade Rabbit”), the nation’s first lunar rover, as part of the Chang’e 3 lunar exploration mission (2013).


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