So you have too many reusable shopping bags? Or they’re wearing out? There are environmentally friendly ways to deal with them
Pros & Cons for Reusable Grocery Bags

The plastic used in grocery bags is, except in some cases of plastics refined from vegetable oils, a petroleum product. Although they have been marketed as a more environmentally friendly alternative, paper bags also have a considerable carbon footprint associated with the harvesting of pulp trees, paper pressing and transportation. If you think of the amount of resources used in producing a single disposable bag and multiply it by the millions of bags used and discarded every day, the resource impact of disposable bags begins to become clear. Using a [reusable] bag drastically reduces this impact and the amount of resources used to complete a simple task like carrying groceries.

So you switch the environmentally friendly reusable bags. It’s great for a while, but then you wind up with too many (well, you didn’t take enough to the store so you bought another one or two) or they begin to wear out. Do you just trash them? That doesn’t seem environmentally friendly at all.

The donation of usable bags will be gladly accepted by Goodwill, and your unneeded bags will reach people who can’t afford to buy them in the store, and will enjoy more life.

But what if they are worn out? There is even a solution to that for the cost of the postage and a box. Send them to Chico Bag.

At ChicoBag we understand that there is always more we can do to help kick single-use. That is why we have instituted a number of environmental programs, designed to make our business cleaner and planet healthier. While we understand that we all have a long way to go solving the environmental problems we all face, it is our belief that by taking it one step at a time, we will make a difference. If you have any ideas on how we might be able to improve upon our commitment, we invite you to contact us at


Reusable bags sometimes wear out, but we don’t want to see them in the landfill when they do. We have an active repurposing and recycling program for all brands and types of reusable bags. ChicoBag┬« doesn’t want ANY reusable bag to be left in a dark closet or sent to a landfill.

Send us all of your tired masses of reusable bags, functional or not. We will distribute them to fixed and low income families ready to start a reusable bag habit or recycle them into new useful products through partnerships with artists, crafters and non-profit organizations. It’s simple, put your old reusable bag in a package and mail it to: ChicoBag Company c/o Zero Waste Program 13434 Browns Valley Drive Chico, CA 95973 We are always looking for partners. Please let us know who you think would benefit from our repurposing program at


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