I’m just musing here, but I think the problem is we have too many problems and we lack any ability to create a shared “to do” list. (More)

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Just look at the list.

Climate change has islands sinking into the sea and Miami streets flooding regularly at high tide. Storms and droughts are more intense. We have a President who gets it and A Republican Party hiding behind the “I’m not a scientist” line.

Income inequality is seen as a problem by the Democrats and a design feature by Republicans. The middle class and the ‘American Dream’ are disappearing. What to do? We hear that education is the key to a good job but young graduates are deeply in debt and not finding jobs in their fields.

Access to Affordable Health Care was certainly improved by the ACA but if you live in a red state you’re screwed. There is the specter of the Supreme Court crushing participation in states that chose to use the federal exchanges. The ACA is slowing the rise in health care costs and improving access and all Republicans can do is vote to repeal it.

Crumbling Infrastructure and unsafe bridges are used by all of us. One wouldn’t think that fixing bridges would be a political football but apparently it is.

Gun violence is so common we seem to be numb to it. Yet sensible legislation is held hostage by the NRA.

I could go on and on and you could probably add to the list. Some problems we don’t agree are real. Other problems we don’t agree on how to fix. The long view would say that problem solving is two steps forward and one step back. The short view seems to be “Shut the government down.” No steps at all. I despair.