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This week I tried not to fall into a pit as the election returns came in. Locally, we reelected Rep. Amanda Murphy to Florida House District 38 by a 10-point margin, well over her 322-vote margin in last year’s special election. Our candidate for District 38, Beverly Ledbetter, lost by 20 points, but her vote margin was half that of the same race in 2010, and Erika Remsberg received more votes than any Democrat seeking a county commission seat since 2008. And Gov. Rick Scott won our county by 2855 votes … one-quarter of his 2010 margin

That’s measurable improvement, but it feels like telling a drowning man he’s only three feet below the surface instead of at the bottom of the lake. It’s progress, sure, but he’s still underwater. I have to put that feeling aside and realize that we are making our way toward the surface. Not as quickly as I’d like … but we’re going in the right direction.